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Revolutionary Health Benefits

At Living Waters, we offer a range of revolutionary cleaning products that can completely transform your cleaning routine. Our products are designed to be effective, environmentally friendly, and free from harmful chemicals. With our innovative solutions, you can ensure a clean and healthy environment for yourself and your loved ones.

Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water

Experience the power of ionized alkaline drinking water with Living Waters. Our flagship product, the K8 (Kangen 8) water ionizer, utilizes the Kangen® Water technology to enhance water ionization and boost antioxidant production.

This means that you can enjoy clean, refreshing, and healthy drinking water right from your tap. Join us in the quest for better health and hydration with our ionized alkaline drinking water solutions.

7 Types Of Water

  • 2.5 pH Strong Kangen Water®

  • 6.0 pH Cosmetic(Beauty) Water

  • 7.0 pH Clean Water

  • 8.5 pH - 9.0 pH Kangen Water®

  • 9.5 pH Kangen Water®

  • 11.5 pH Strong Kangen Water®

4 Categories of Uses

  • Food Preparation- coffee & tea, soups, broth, pesticide removal

  • Disinfectant- skin conditions, bug bites, wounds, hand sanitizer, surfaces, mouthwash

  • Cleaning - stain remover, odor remover, dish detergent, cleaning floors and walls

  • Consmetic - hair care, astringent, aftershave, pet care


  • Enagic® USA is the ONLY water ionizer manufacturer to receive the Gold Seal Certification by the Water Quality Association.

  • Medical Device Manufacturing License

  • Medical Device Marketing Authorization

  • FDA registration for Kangen UKON

Now you can create powerful, chemical-free solutions that truly deliver results and are kind to the

At Living Waters we are paving the way in how we think about water. We have teamed up with Enagic®, a privately owned Javanese company, creator of Kangen Water® a hydrogen-rich electrolyzed reduced water.

Imagine the possibilities – from the potent cleaning capabilities of Strong Kangen Water, to the eco-friendly nature of Kangen Water®, the gentle balance of Natural Water, the skin-loving Cosmetic Water, and even the versatility of Strong Acidic Water. Now, you can create powerful, chemical-free cleaning solutions that truly deliver results and are kind to our environment.

We Have More Than Drinking Water

At Living Waters, we're not just about water. We also understand the importance of holistic wellness and health enrichment. And that's why we've embraced the remarkable benefits of Turmeric, specifically UKON.

​​​​​​​UKON, a variety of turmeric grown in the exotic locales of southeast Asia and Yanbaru, is recognized for its exceptional quality and powerful health benefits. These areas are renowned for the longevity of their residents, much of which is attributed to the steady consumption of turmeric in their diet.

Taking your health to newer highs, UKON is known to positively impact a range of internal organs, boosting overall physiological functions right from the roots, so to speak. It's not just for the sick - even the healthiest individuals can enhance and maintain their well-being with a regular dosage of UKON.

But here's where things truly get exciting! We've paired our antioxidative Kangen Water® with UKON to create a game-changing health supplement.

This powerful combination amplifies the benefits of both elements, resulting in a synergetic effect that supercharges your health like never before! With Kangen UKON, you're not just drinking any usual supplement; you're consuming a revolutionary blend that works tirelessly to keep you healthy, active, and full of life!

Just imagine, this potent mix of essential turmeric and transformative Kangen Water®… it's the ultimate way to promote wellness from within!So let's continue raising the bar for health and well-being.

Let's redefine the future of wellness together with Living Waters and Kangen UKON. Get ready to experience the power of enhanced wellness today!

A Water Crisis

We currently have a water crisis in our world

Do you know we are amidst a pressing water crisis? It's time to face facts and tackle it head-on. Take a moment and imagine this: An island made entirely of plastic, twice the size of Texas, floating in our oceans. This, my friends, is the brutal reality of what we now refer to as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - one of FIVE similarly appalling accumulations worldwide. Shocking, isn't it?

Every year, it's estimated that 1 to 2 million tons of plastic barge into our waterways wreaking havoc on marine life. It's a catastrophe on an unimaginable scale. And believe it or not, our attempts at recycling aren't coming to our rescue either.

Think about this: For every ten water bottles bought globally, seven end up in landfills. Considering there are approximately

one million such bottles sold per minute, that equates to a staggering rate of 20,000 bottles per second! With China's recent decision to cease taking in and recycling our plastic, we are staring down the barrel of a future where our own plastic consumption threatens to engulf us.

At Living Waters, we believe in action, not inaction. We bring you our innovative water solutions as a proactive response to this plastic menace. It's high time we all played our part. Let's think about our consumption habits, make informed choices, and move towards sustainable solutions. Together, we can turn the tide against our looming plastic crisis. Together, let's choose a safer, greener, healthier future for ourselves and our planet!

Did you know that disposable plastic bottles comprise an estimated 20% of Grand Canyon's waste stream and 30% of the park's recyclables? (Deirdre Hanners, Grand Canyon National Park's Environmental Specialist) When you refill a reusable water bottle, less ends up in the waste stream and the likelihood of litter associated with your water consumption ending up along the trail is decreased.2

1 Case = 24 Bottles

Most families buy a case or more per week. That's 1,152 water bottles for one family each year!

Think about how much the cost adds up. Now consider how much plastic ends up in our landfills and oceans

According to the National Geographic1, "Bottled water is a drain on the environment: The U.S. public goes through about 50 billion water bottles a year, and most of those plastic containers are not recycled.

Transporting the bottles and keeping them cold also burns fossil fuels, which give off greenhouse gases."


"Living Waters has completely changed my life. Not only do I have access to clean, ionized alkaline drinking water, but I can also create my own eco-friendly cleaning solutions. The K8 water ionizer is a game-changer!"

- Emily S.

"I was skeptical at first, but Living Waters has exceeded all my expectations. The K8 water ionizer is easy to use and the different types of water it produces are so versatile. I love knowing that I am using non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning solutions."

- James P.

"Living Waters has made a huge difference in my health and well-being. The Kangen® Water produced by the K8 water ionizer has improved my digestion and boosted my energy levels. I highly recommend it!"

- Anna R.

Source Of Wellness


Embark on a journey of self-discovery through yoga and meditation, bringing yourself into alignment with truth and well-being. Learn breathwork, yoga, and mindfulness techniques to heal the body, calm the mind, and connect with the spirit. Release past stress and drop the spinning plates of society. This is your chance to make a shift, to do something powerfully life-enhancing.

Our Mission

Yoga, Meditation, & Mindfulness


Learn various postures and breathing techniques to gain strength, flexibility, and balance. By focusing on your breath and movement, you'll relax your mind and body and find inner peace.


Find your inner stillness. Through guided meditations, you'll learn to focus on your breath and let go of any negative thoughts. You'll find a sense of clarity and serenity.


Learn how to live in the present moment. Through various techniques, you'll learn to become aware of your thoughts and feelings and to observe them without judgment. You'll find a sense of peace and clarity.


Vinyasa Yoga

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Hatha Yoga

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Ashtanga Yoga

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Power Yoga

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Restorative Yoga

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Aerial Yoga

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Meditation Certification Course

Build your perfect diet & meal plan

Self Meditation Yoga Plan

Clear The Emotional system

Better Foucus

Relieves Stress,

Karl & Nicole Nusshag

We are passionate about both mental and physical health. Our body is made up of 70& water which plays a vital role in our overall health. We strive to transform the way you clean and hydrate, leading you towards a safer and healthier future.


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Michelle Cermak

Welcome to Source of Wellness Retreats, founded by Michelle Cermak, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 800), and Certified Hypnotherapist. Michelle has 15 years of experience helping people overcome obstacles in their life. Through her own experience with talk therapy, meditation, and yoga, she offers a unique path to healing and wholeness.

Her goal is to empower women to achieve an integrated experience of self and connectedness with others. Source of Wellness Retreats provides a safe and supportive environment to explore deeper understanding and growth.

Michelle will show you how to approach healing in a supported, grounded, and successful way. Join us on the journey to master yourself and create a meaningful life.

Veda Spidle

From her early years, Veda was immersed in a world rich in art, yoga, and meditation. After obtaining her B.A. in Interior Design, her teaching journey began in South Korea, which later evolved into a deep passion for yoga upon her return to Arizona. With over 1,600 hours of training and 3,700 hours of teaching experience, she has become a beacon of knowledge.

Veda's diverse teaching approach welcomes all levels and ages. Her specialized techniques focus on alleviating physical and emotional stress, emphasizing the importance of self-compassion and holistic well-being. Join us to be part of Veda’s rejuvenating yoga experience.

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